Cinnamon / Cassia

Origin: Kerinci, Sumatra

All our cassia / cinnamon originates from central Sumatra, an area also better known as Kerinci. Kerinci is the centre of high quality cassia/cinnamon, due to its elevated location with abundant rainfall in the raining seasons. Therefore the product has a very typical sweet taste which other origins lack.

Product Range:

Cassia Sticks

  • Vera A
  • Vera AA

Cassia Broken

  • min. 2.25% VO
  • min. 2.75% VO
  • min. 3.25% VO

Cassia Ground

  • 60 mesh, min. 2.0% VO
  • 80 mesh, min. 2.0% VO
  • 60 mesh, min. 2.5% VO
  • 80 mesh, min. 2.5% VO

Cassia TBC (Tea Bag Cut)

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