Quality & Food Safety

As quality assurance and food safety are of paramount importance to Q-SpicIng, we put the highest care in our food safety system.

Q-Spicing meet the highest quality standards in the industry. High quality of the staff, suppliers, equipment, raw materials form an important basis for the quality products supplied by Q-Spicing.

The extensive, and highly effective food safety system of Q-SpicIng is based on prevention and detection of potential hazards. The highest standards are applied concerning hygiene and contamination monitoring. This is ever subject to further improvement and fine tuning.

This is executed in both the sourcing areas and our processing facility in Java. As the sourcing is that important we have frequent field visits, supplier meetings, farmer training, and crop monitoring in order to guarantee a high quality supply of raw material.

For more information about Quality & Food Safety related matters don't hesitate to contact us.

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